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Ellen Mersereau

Ellen Mersereau

Ellen Ann Mersereau Entertainment Attorney

After attempting to read his contract without help, one of Ms. Mersereau’s clients likened the experience to water running over a rock ——-nothing stuck.  Another compared his experience to trying to hold onto a handful of cooked spaghetti.

Ellen Ann Mersereau has specialized in entertainment law for 18 years, with a focus on animation. She has forged agreements with industry leaders like Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony, Warner Bros., Starz Media, Nickelodeon, Fox, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts and Simon and Schuster for numerous writers, producers, directors, art directors, production designers, storyboard artists, illustrators, animators, editors, character designers, background designers and visual development artists.

Ms. Mersereau will discuss basic contractual principles in order to help artists know when to seek legal representation and how to understand legally binding agreements before they sign them. She will also review some of the basic boilerplate found in most contracts, such as Non Solicitation, Non Competition, Indemnification, Breach of Warranties, Exclusivity, and Confidentiality clauses.

Ms.  Mersereau has dedicated her practice to helping artists understand and embrace the business side of their profession, affording them the peace of mind needed to create their best work.

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