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Fabian Molina Traditional Animator

Fabian Molina Traditional Animator

Fabian Molina is a Northern California based artist who specializes in and hand-drawn character animation and character design. His work is defined by a great use of gesture and shapes to bring out the personality, emotion, and action of his characters. His drawings tell a visual story that everyone can relate to. Fabian is working in the games industry animating playable and non playable characters. He currently lives and works in San Francisco.

At the Convention Fabian will feature his new book “Sketch or Die”boxer-03

Sketch or Die is a compilation of drawings, doodles, and sketches that I have done in my sketchbooks over the last 2 years. These drawings were all done for a variety of different reasons, some were drawn at coffee shops people watching, some for personal projects, and a few while at the zoo studying animals, but no matter why or where the sketch, I always do it to learn.

“The title of the book for me means that sketching keeps my mind and imagination alive. I have only two options: to keep drawing or to let my mind go to waste. If I didn’t draw where would I be? Enjoy!”

Along with his book Fabian will be enjoying the sights, sounds,  and amazing artists that CTN-X has to offer.  So stop by and say Hello!

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