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Genevieve Tsai

Genevieve Tsai

Genevieve Tsai has been a Concept Artist in the video game industry for over 6 years among companies such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Ghostbot, and Sanzaru Games. She currently works at Zynga in San Francisco as a Senior Artist. Genevieve graduated with a Masters in 2D Animation & Visual FX from the Academy of Art University and has a great passion for character/creature design, visual development and storyboarding.

Ever since she was young, she had been fascinated and obsessed with animation; self-taught for most her life, she’d been inspired by Disney, Don Bluth and Warner Bros. cartoons growing up. She had always dreamed of working in animation. As a kid, she paused and watched animated films frame by frame, and collected Post-It notepads to make dozens of flipbooks. At 12 she built a crude, homemade light-box out of plexi-glas, a board game box, a fluorescent light, tinfoil and a beer can. With it she filmed short toons with her parents’ home VHS camcorder, drawing frames on tracing paper and painting on overhead transparencies with model car paint.

She is a night owl and is kept awake by art projects, the internet, and video games (mostly of the fighting ilk). Her other hobbies include collecting way too many toys, soundtracks, artbooks and comics. In 2009, she published a comic called “Islands in the Sky.” She enjoys Monster Hunting as a sport.