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Hound Illustration

Hound Illustration

Hound Illustration is the braining of two gangly illustrators and designers.


The first.


Lurking out of SF CA, Finn has passed the last five years orchestrating chaos in classic and digital illustration. She spent her student years at UC Berkeley studying Psychology and Medieval History – which she now imparts to her miniature monster friends that she makes with needle, and thread, and pins, and knives. Fuzzy goons one and all, they make up Finn’s fine reverie: XOF.


Finn’s inspiration comes from a hurricane of bluegrass, old surf rock, Cash, and 60s bubblegum pop, Murakami books and medieval lit, spaghetti westerns and Tombstone, gangster flicks and Tarantino films, cats and their mysterious ways, black licorice, and midnight haunts in ghost-towns; she is mesmerized by anatomy and the flexing of skeletal complexities. Finn has found ways to mingle this macabre into the danses of local companies (Big or Bigger, SnackYums, Mötus Oakland Radio), interested private parties, burgeoning bands (GHXST NY), and multiple polkas for Google Inc. Finn’s artwork is displayed in local jewelry/curiosity store Fiat Lux SF, and vended from her own bizarre lair in the heart of the Mission.

Finn is currently berserk about her new jaunt with her best friend – Coyote Cody – in their mutual mania making HOUND. She spends her canine days in the constellations chasing illustrations. Finn is in.


The second.


Based in the San Francisco, CA, Cody has been designing, animating, and illustrating for 15 years. Cody studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in the fields of Illustration and 3D Animation. He is currently thoroughly enjoying freelancing and making magic with his best friend as the male half of HOUND Illustration.

While he loves drawing almost anything he can imagine, Cody’s passion for animals naturally leans him towards the fields of animal anatomy and creature design. He specializes in complex perspectives and environments, as well as the menacing monsters that inhabit them. Cody has done work for numerous companies, schools, and interested individuals, and has had several jobs in animation and visual development for short films in both live action and animation. He loves doing things he has never tried before, and facing new and exciting challenges every day.


Would the fox be as quick † if she hadn’t her HOUND?