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Jessika Von Innerebner Art Director

Jessika Von Innerebner Art Director

“This year I’ll be sharing full color illustrations, educational apps, small give aways, digital portfolio to scroll through via ipad and answers to questions about working in this amazing industry.” ~ Jessika Von Innerebner


Jessika Von Innerebner  is an illustrator/animator who has brought her love of color, humor and character to education where an injection of fun is badly needed.

After 3 1/2 years with Disney Online Studios Canada it was time for a new challenge! Jessika then teamed up as director of the crayons with a math guru and an experience design/tech specialist to create Mathtoons. This crew is giving calculus a facelift like you’ve never seen before!

In addition to Mathtoons, Jessika has taken on projects with Barking Banana, Curious Hat and plays a very active role in the digital art community of Kelowna, Canada.

In spare moments Jessika can be found running up mountains, bent in a pretzel shape at hot yoga, traveling to distant lands with her handsome man Cale, watching all the Ted Talks possible and laughing with friends…sometimes at them!

She hopes you enjoy CTN and it inspires the heck outta you eyes!

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” Always learning and pushing yourself, draw everyday, become the crayon! Dedication, late nights, sharing with art buddies, love of color/characters and composition.” ~Jessika Von Innerebner

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