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Jose Lopez Character designer

Jose Lopez Character designer

Jose Lopez is one of those designers who makes the art of creating characters look all too easy. In his fourth year with CTN Jose will be exhibiting and sharing a panel with other international character designers.

Jose Lopez has been a character designer for over 10 years working in the Film, TV and Video Game industries. He cultivated his signature style early on, working on such animated series as “Godzilla”, “Men In Black: The Series” and “Jackie Chan Adventures”. More recently, as lead character designer, his work on “Green Lantern: First Flight” (Warner Bros. DVD) earned him critical praise. Clients who continue to request Jose’s work include Imagi (TMNT, Gatchaman), Warner Bros. (The Batman), Cartoon Network (Generator rex), Nickelodeon, Google, Activision and DC comics to name a few.

He has published two books “Mariachi Samurai Vol. 1” and “4:00 am”, showcasing a collection of sketches and designs.

Jose is currently enjoying his latest endeavor as Art Director / Characters & Props for Hasbro Studios newest project, “Transformers: Prime” set to air on The Hub, a new TV network for kids and families.

Jose and his wife Denise are the proud parents of two young sons, Liam and Max.

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