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Justin Rodrigues Character Designer

Justin Rodrigues Character Designer

Justin Rodrigues is a character designer and visual development artist.  For as long as he can remember, Justin has had a passion for art and drawing.  At eight years old, he transformed his grandfather’s office into a studio so he could make comic books all summer long.  Though fairly new to the “professional” game, Justin graduated from his makeshift office and has worked on a variety of projects in the animation, video game and entertainment industries.  His clients include Fisher-Price, Starburns Industries, Wonderverse Studios and many more.

This is Justin’s first year exhibiting at CTN-X, which he’s attended every year since its debut.  He says, “I love the sense of community this event creates and it’s an honor to be among so many talented artists.”  Justin will unveil his first self-publis

hed art book at CTN, in addition to offering limited-edition prints and original artwork for sale.

Justin loves Mexican food, coffee and Frank Sinatra, not necessarily in that order.  He is currently drawing, creating and living in the Los Angeles area.