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Katy Hargrove Designer

Katy Hargrove Designer

Katy Hargrove works in video games as a 3D modeler. Much of her work can be found in the bestiary of the Guild Wars franchise. Outside of video games she spends time designing creatures and characters and bringing them to life through a variety of mediums such as paint, clay, paper, and fabric.

A long lived passion for animation has brought Katy back to CTN this year. She says, “It’s always a great joy to see the life animators breathe into static creations. I’m honored to attend CTN again this year and to have the opportunity to meet so many people I admire.” She has been working in games for 12 years to date both designing and modeling creatures.

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WHEN ASKED, what is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession?  “An openness to learning, practicing, and failing over and over again forever while in the company of great people following the same path.” ~Katy Hargrove Designer and 3D modeler.

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