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Lizzie Nichols

Lizzie Nichols

Welcome Lizzie Nichols to CTN where she will be sharing her talent through drawings, digital paintings, sketchbooks, prints, stickers, buttons and postcards.

Lizzie Nichols is a Los Angeles-based visual development and concept artist. She graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Design. She then went to work at Walt Disney Imagineering as a Concept Artist for the Creative Interactive Attractions team, where she contributed to a wide variety of projects, including interactive experiences within Disney parks, queue line & post-show concept art, ride scene & hotel concept art plus ride posters.

After Disney, she worked as a Background and Prop designer at Rough Draft Studios on a new show for BBC 4 called Full English, and was entrusted with designing all the backgrounds and props for an as-yet-unannounced Adult Swim pilot. She also contributed backgrounds and props to Futurama, as well as character designs on an unnamed pilot.

From there, she moved to background painting and visual development at Rubicon Entertainment, working on an animated feature film for release Christmas 2014. The project involves creating inviting, colorful paintings, and plays to her strengths of designing complex environments full of light and atmosphere.

In addition to her day job, she almost always has a freelance gig or two going, and her clients have included 344 Design, Nick Wechsler Productions, Nathan Love Studios, Cartoon Network, Reverge Labs and Unified Pictures.

Keep up with Lizzie and her latest work at…
t: @raptorclaws

When asked “What is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession?” Lizzie answered “Diligence, and the willingness to work hard consistently. Some people call this “passion,” but true passion is to have the discipline to keep going even through the times when it feels more like work and less like fun. Ideally, most of the time it IS fun, but if you can push yourself through the hard stuff, the fun stuff is that much more rewarding.”

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