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Llyn Hunter

Llyn Hunter

Like most kids she started at a young age with a crayon in her fist, but unlike most normal kids, they couldn’t pry it out (she can still hear her dad screaming, “Who took all the pencils?” She also fell in love with fairy tales, rocket ships, and mythology, and this fascination has entangled itself throughout her work. A passion for animals and nature also gets wrapped up in the weave of her art so that a vast amount of her subject matter is a mix of creatures of another reality or mind set.

She survived her early years in Mesa, Arizona, living on a diet of science fiction, comic books, spring-board diving, and gymnastics. At age 19 she escaped the suburban desert, for the Land of Oz, also known as the city of Los Angeles, California. There she wallowed in the delights of the multi cultural movie madness with the varied professions of graphic artist for the Los Angeles Zoo, art director for a small educational publishing firm, children’s illustrator, and finally at age 30 she entered the world of TV animation as a storyboard artist. For the past many years she has worked for just about every large animation studio, and also illustrates for fantasy role-playing and collectable card games.

Llyn currently resides on a hilly four acres covered with oak trees on the Central Coast of California with her marvelous husband Troy, and her merry band of pets.

• Amazing illustrator of fantasy, humor, and natural history who’s clients have included:
• Dover Publications
• Alderac Entertainment Group
• National Wildlife Federation

• Two-time Emmy award winning animation storyboard artist for Warner Bros. on Pinky and the Brain and Anamaniacs, and has worked on the following shows:

1. Peter Pan and the Pirates (Project X)
2. Barn Yard Commandos (Herst)
3. Prince Valiant (Herst)
4. Bonkers (Walt Disney)
5. Dark Wing Duck (Walt Disney)
6. Goof Troop (Walt Disney)
7. The Shorts Show (Walt Disney)
8. Marsupilami (Walt Disney)
9. Snookums and Meat (Walt Disney)
10. Little Mermaid (Walt Disney)
11. Aladdin (Walt Disney)
12. Beethoven (Universal)
13. Erthworm Jim (Universal)
14. Pebbles and Bam Bam (Hanna Barbera)
15. Exo Squad (Universal)
16. Animaniacs (Warner Bros.)
17. Pinky and the Brain (Warner Bros.)
18. Project Geeker (Sony)
19. Jumanji (Sony)
20. Toonsylvania (Dreamworks SKG)
21. Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (Hallmark)
22. The Brothers Flub (Sunbow)
23. The Crayon Box (Sunbow)
24. Salty’s Light House (Sunbow)
25. Kampung Boy (Matinee)
26. Hercules (Walt Disney)
27. Buzz Lightyear (Walt Disney)
28. The Adventures of Hyperman (Sunbow)
29. House of Mouse (Walt Disney)
30. Baby Blues (Warner Bros.)
31. Woody Wood Pecker (Universal)