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Lora Innes – Paper Wings

Lora Innes – Paper Wings

Lora teamed up with her long-time friend and Disney character designer, Chris Oatley, to begin the Paper Wings Podcast—a show devoted to every aspect of making creator-owned comics. Chris and Lora are passionate not just about making comics, but making comics that elevate the medium. Let’s tell better stories!

Lora began her own critically acclaimed historical-fiction webcomic, The Dreamer, in 2007. It quickly grew a large, devoted following which attracted the attention of IDW Publishing who released Volume 1 in 2009. Volume 1 sold out in less than a year, and was followed by a reprint and a sequel.

The Dreamer has been nominated for three Harvey Awards: Best New Series, Best New Talent (Lora Innes), and Best Cover Artist (Jenny Frison). It was also nominated in the Graphic Novel for Young Adults category in the 2010 online Cybils Awards and won the 2010 S.P.A.C.E. Prize.

Currently, Lora is writing and producing a graphic novel trilogy about the American Civil War to tie into Grant vs. Lee, a television mini-series slated for 2013 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, starring Rob Lowe, Will Patton, Stephen Lang, Bill Paxton and a long list of others.

Lora is just glad for the excuse to finally have an answer to the, “When will you write about the Civil War?” question.