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Mark Sperber Animation Story Artist

Mark Sperber Animation Story Artist

From the frozen lands of the Canadian north and fighting his way through orcs, dragons, and American tax codes with black magic.  Sir Mark Sperber makes his way to CTN expo 2012 with stave and sketchbook in hand.  Prepare your weak heart for his fool hearty drawing adventures in sketches!


Mark pursued his quest around the world to save mankind by using his wizardry. After fighting ogres and dragons, he made way to California where he continues to use the spells of animation to enchant those in need and to preserve the existence of the human race against the evil that wants its extinction.

Sir Mark currently enchants wizardry at Nickelodeon drawing pandas and sometimes in France for snooty family/summer trips.  Make your way to the table should you dare, humans!

Mark will be sharing his talent through character anthology, sketchbook, portfolio critiques and free giveaways.

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When asked “What is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession?” Mark responds “Desire and patience!”

ASK THE ARTIST NOW: If you could ask this artist about his technique, his talent, what he feels is the next step in his career, or anything at all, what would it be? Share your questions and comments to this amazing artist by posting below and they will be shared with the artist. The artist will answer them onsite at CTNx2012 and the answers will be posted here.


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