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Michael Banich – Forking Pictures

Michael Banich – Forking Pictures

In the middle of nowhere a lone house sits perched on a hill. Giant hounds rule the surrounding landscape of lakes, hills and meadows. As strange as this landscape is, the house isn’t much more normal. A single light glows from the upper floor as my mind keeps me up throughout the night. In that room, mushrooms are chased, vines are climbed into the sky, angry turtles hurl hammers at everyone and I am frantic. I am running, jumping and ducking through strange worlds to save the princess. And my escape from this place was a visit to a world of topiary gardens, haunted mansions and wild rides through the land, sea and air, all ruled by a giant mouse.

Living in a dreamy world of wonder I set out to art school in order to become a creator of wonder. My studio soon became my garden. Pictures, films, books, paintings, prints, ads, memories and other sentimental oddities became my seeds. They sprouted into ideas, thoughts and inspirations that I would plant in my work space. From there, volcanic island villages, jungle temples, watery cities, treetop dwellings and my own garden of eden grew in my studio.

Forking Pictures is the outlet for my creative endeavors and imagination. Please feel free to drop me a line with questions or just to say hello!