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Miracle Studios – Tom Hignite

Miracle Studios – Tom Hignite

Miracle Mouse-Cranky’s Miracle is an animated 2D feature film currently in production as a tribute to the great hand drawn films of Walt Disney. The production is the brainchild of Wisconsin artist/cartoonist Tom Hignite.

Realizing that America’s once-beloved 2D animated “event” movies were being replaced by computer CGI-style animation, Hignite did not want to see this original American art form become extinct. He created his small Indie 2D studio and assembled some the animation industries top 2D talent. The challenge was to produce a feature film worthy of helping to create a rebirth of the great American 2D “event” movie.

Hignite explains his studio’s ambitious goal. “Computer animation and 2D films are as different to the art of animation as oil paint and water colors are different to the art of painting. Whether a film uses computer animation, 2D, stop action or live action, the reason any film is a success or a failure is not due to method or genre, but to the story. It sounds bodacious to say so, but our goal is aiming at the biggest 2D success stories such as Disney’s The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, or even Snow White. Our story is completely different from any of those. Stories like these transcend entertainment and goes into the realm of touching the viewer’s hearts. This is what is at the core of any enduring classic. I think our original script, first and foremost has just such a story and we have the right characters to tell it”.

Miracle Mouse-Cranky’s Miracle is the “final” performance of the legendary Hollywood, Oscar- winning actor Ernest Borgnine as the Scroogelike character, Cranky Crane. It also features, three time Emmy and Golden Globe winner, Jane Lynch and a top cast of Hollywood character actors. Miracle Studios has partnered with Scott Petersen’s Golden Street Animation and will be unveiling the first (work-in-progress) film clip of Borgnine’s character at their CTN Animation Expo display booth.

Hignite will be taking this film to various film markets and distributors in 2013, to bring his labor of love closer to its eventual silver screen premiere.