Nickelodeon is on a mission to find innovative and creative talent! Catch us at booths B48 & B49 and get face time with:

• Animation Development • Nickelodeon Artist Program
• Digital Content Development • Nick Jr.
• Nick Creative Resources • Talent Acquisitions

Talent Acquisition:
If you love FUNNY, strong characters and excellent storytelling, you’re in the right place!
What makes our work environment so unique is not just because our studio campus is a cartoon fantasyland come to life and has the capacity to house up to ten productions simultaneously, but because our studio and grounds are brimming with Nickelodeon touches. You’ll also see a mural and art gallery in the entrance hall of the building showcasing artists’ personal work.
Not only do we have a fun place to work, but we have fun, hardworking and dedicated people to work with. Our culture has been founded and developed on a few simple beliefs: mutual respect, pride in your work, a strong work ethic, passion and having an open door policy. These beliefs are what we feel make us stand out in a crowd. With 500 + people residing in our buildings, we take these beliefs seriously and this is what ultimately makes us successful. Our small-town feel and attitude is embraced and embodied by friendly greetings in the hallways by everyone.
We’re always looking for talented 2D and CG artists as well as folks interested in production management to contribute to all aspects of our shows. For more information jobs and our studio, please visit!

Nickelodeon Artist Program:
If you’re an aspiring animation studio artist here’s your chance to find out about the Nickelodeon Artist Program! Stop by our booth and sign-up to receive a Portfolio Review with Amber Beard (Manager), and the Character Designer for our upcoming new show “Breadwinners” (and Artist Program Alum), Keiko Murayma. Fri. 3pm – 7pm, Sat. 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 7pm, Sun. 10am – 1pm

Nick Creative Resources:
Nickelodeon’s many beloved characters have forged strong emotional relationships with our viewers. But what happens when the TV is off? In publishing, digital media, consumer products and all their other off-air manifestations, these characters still need to come to life and connect with viewers, even when they can’t speak or move. That’s where the NCR Character Art and Illustration group comes in, creating custom illustration work and show-based character art that communicates a world of personality and emotion and deepens fans’ relationships with our brands.

Nick Preschool:
Looking for breakthrough character designs that appeal to 2 – 7 year olds

Show us what you’ve got!

Cats, dogs, robots, ponies, bad guys, aliens and anything else!!



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