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Rachel Chalk Design Artist

Rachel Chalk Design Artist

Rachel Chalk has always had a passion in capturing moments and people through her art.  It all started with crayons, paper, and a series of day-dreams that led her to study animation at Sheridan College.  Rachel is currently an Animation Design Artist at Corus Entertainment (Nelvana). She has designed on children’s TV shows such as Sidekick, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, and Detentionaire.  At night she has a second career as a Freelance Artist for other animation studios and multimedia companies.  She enjoys illustrating children’s books, designing wall stickers, and creating characters and backgrounds for commercials, web, and TV.  Rachel lives in a cozy condo in Toronto, Canada where she draws on her cintiq, plays the piano, and seriously cannot stop smiling!

To see more of her work, please check out her blog and come say hi at the table she’s sharing with her best friend, Benjamin Hu!

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