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Ray Shenusay – Head of Story Disney Toon Studios

Ray Shenusay – Head of Story Disney Toon Studios

CTNX 2012
On location, Burbank CA

Back by popular demand this amazing talent, who was with us in 2011,  will be hosting a intensive workshop this year on Story.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with and learn from this highly experienced and versatile professional storyteller.

Ray Shenusay graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute.  Shortly after that he was bitten by the animation bug while working on the forgettable animated series, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.  He worked on a number of animated shows in Los Angeles and eventually began working as a Visual Consultant for the movie and effects industry at places like Boss Film Corporation and Apogee Magic.  He became an Art Director for an early CGI company, Rez-N-8, where he developed a number of projects with Bob Peterson.

Now, bitten by another bug, the Story Bug, he became a creative partner with Michael Bedard.  They had two development deals at Universal Studios and created many projects for film and animation, including “Noah’s Blimp” (Optioned by Amblin) and “The Santa Claus Brothers.”  Hired as Vis Dev Artist at Disney Feature Animation, he quickly transitioned into the Story department and worked developing and boarding on a number of projects there for eight years.  Ray has taught Story at the college level and worked as a Directorial Consultant for an overseas studio.

Ray began an ongoing writing partnership with playwright Victor Bumbalo.  Besides working for Fox Feature Animation and Nickelodeon, they’ve developed a number of projects and completed three original scripts.

Ray currently works as a Head of Story with all the fantastic people at Disney Toon Studios.



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