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Ricardo de Los Angeles

Ricardo de Los Angeles

Ricardo de Los Angeles will be selling personal art prints, sketchbooks and possibly a compilation book of his artworks. He’ll draw a free quick caricature portrait to anyone who asks. Make sure to stop by his Table (#T58) to get a free quick Caricature!

After graduating from the CalArts character animation program, Ricky dived straight into freelance work, which included designing logos, mascots, storyboarding, and animation. In 2011, he was a retail Caricature Artist at the L.A. Zoo and shortly thereafter became one of three artists for Disney’s Blue Sky Think Tank at their Consumer Products division, a seven-person multi-disciplinary group who were tasked to develop new intellectual and creative properties for the company. During his seven months in the ‘Tank,’ he performed various tasks for the various projects going on; art directing and animating stop motion films, designing stick puppets, hand –drawn animation, logo design, along with pitching concepts to senior executives with the rest of the Tank members.

After Disney, he worked as a freelance illustrator at the offices of Big Picture Group, designing illustrations for a video on psychology. His illustrations later would be animated by an after effects artist. At the same time, he was a Digital Caricature Artist for Samsung, drawing customers using a stylus on a touch tablet phone. He came back to Disney this summer to collaborate with Disney Character Artist, John T. Quinn, doing character designs for Disney and Barney’s 2012 Holiday season project. At the moment, he’s got a busy caricature business on the weekends, is designing character mascots for Brandiose, and illustrating a children’s book for Street Virus.

He’s drawing to live, and living to draw. When he’s not doing that, he’s playing his Ukulele and bicycling. He’s an avid sketcher and draws a lot inspiration for characters and designs from the world around him.

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When asked “What is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession?” Ricky responds “From my own experience, consistent art making, networking, and patience.  Sometimes it’s all in the timing. Things have worked out for me just when I needed them too. But I think it’s very important to keep drawing and improving your work.”

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