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Scott Wright Animator

Scott Wright Animator

Title: Surviving and Thriving in Animation/Art School

Description: With so many students going to animation schools. How do you stand out? How do you get the most for your money? How do you get a job after, or even during school? Scott Wright with nearly 20 years in the animation industry and 4 years teaching will discuss these questions and more during his lecture.

Title: Acting for Animators: The importance of poses and breakdowns in Computer Animation

Description: It has a lot to do with what animation schools don’t teach anymore…which is design. 3d Students especially no longer thinking about ‘composition, line, value, texture, shape, form, and flow’….and with the advances in CG rigs…it’s a must.

Scott Wright grew up in a small town in Alberta, Canada where winters are long and summers are rare. So what did this Canadian do to pass the time? You guessed it, he planned his escape. Scott now lives in Los Angeles, California, where summers are long and winters don’t exist.

After studying animation in Toronto, Canada, Scott graduated from Sheridan College and has been working as an Animator at DreamWorks for the past 15 years.

Traditionally trained, Scott has thrown away the comfort of paper and pencil to take up computer animation. However, with an uncontrollable desire to still draw he started the webcomic, “Team Spectacular.” About a super hero couple who face problems when their first son is born premature.

Scott will be selling his book, Team Spectacular – Micro-Preemie Power, and his acclaimed book, Single. Single is about Paige, a quirky college student, and the guys she dates who literary turn out to be monsters.

So, there you have it, Scott Wright traditional/computer animator/cartoonist/exhibitor.

Please welcome Scott Wright to CTN-X 2009

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