Schools is an online community for visual storytelling and sequential art.Our mission Is to network and educate people in the visual story field. We want to keep people active in this community and to inform people of the latest in the field of visual storytelling. We are a gathering place for education, critique, and advancement of the storyboard medium in live-action film, animation, and print.

StoryboardArt,LLC, offers a full range of professional design services. Through our network of artists we are able to create high quality professional pre-production artwork to meet your budget and schedule. Our artists have over 30 years of combined experience in the animation and film industry, and we have constantly pushed the envelope and reinvented style techniques. Contact us to find out more about our unique production platform and how we can help you on your next narrative project. Using us for your pre-production services will lift your expectations of professionalism for every other job to come!

● Storyboards and Storyreel Animatics
● Character Designs
● Concept and Background Designs
● Full Previz/3D Animated Storyreels

The Art of Visual Storytelling!