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Gavin Freitas Animator

Gavin Freitas Animator

Slaptoons Variety Hour

After graduating from the Academy of Art in San Fransisco CA, I got a job working for Rough Draft “Futurama” Studios as a storyboard artist. Also worked for pilots for Howie Mandel and NBC Universal. Currently I work on Daniel Tosh’s animated series called, “Brickleberry” as an 2D animator.

I am going to be doing a cartoon variety show with characters I have been developing for over two years. Think of all the greats: “Looney Tunes”, “Rocky & Bullwinkle”, “Animaniacs” and the early “Simpsons” shorts on the,“Tracy Ullman Show”. They were anywhere from 15 seconds, to a minute and a half. I thought I would start small, and see what my audience thinks. Fun, right?!

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