Sonic Bunny Productions

Sonic Bunny Productions

Sonic Bunny Productions, a Burbank -based animation production company, was started in 2009, by producer Scout Raskin. Sonic Bunny’s approach is spunky, tenacious, and do-it-yourself.

They just wrapped their first adult-comedy pilot: An Okay Place To Eat, starring your favorite drill sergeant R.Lee Ermey, voice over legend Jim Cummings, 30 Rock funny man Scott Adsit, and the ever hilarious Jason Marsden. Okay Place animators include Jon Henshaw, Deke Wightman, Andrew Wilson (all from Harvey Birdman), and Chris Paluszek (Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum, Frankenhole). They’re also working on their second animated pilot, Zombie Murder Explosion Die, which, well, needs no other explanation!

For more info on the crazy people behind Sonic Bunny:

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