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Stephanie        Laberis Illustrator & Character Designer

Stephanie Laberis Illustrator & Character Designer

We would like to welcome back to CTN the incredibly talented character designer Stephanie Laberis. She is bringing her latest and greatest books and prints, unique felted sculptures and stop-motion puppets and will be conducting portfolio critiques.

Stephanie Laberis is a character designer and illustrator residing in El Cerrito, CA. Her background is in games but she has been pursuing her dream of working in feature animation during her free(lance) time! She is currently designing for a range of media, including TV animation, video games and recently got back to her roots in toy design. Her clients have included Hasbro, Sony, Microsoft, PBS Kids, American Greetings and various iOS startups in the Bay Area. She also participates in gallery shows and self publishes an annual art book of her 2D work.


When not drawing or playing video games, she spends time playing with her pet rats and needle felting critters, often in the likeness of her vermin muses. She is working to integrate her character design sense into her felted work, creating  shape-driven stop motion puppets and gallery pieces.



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When asked: What is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession? “Patience, a willingness to say “yes” and a community of motivated friends.” ~Stephanie Laberis

ASK THE ARTIST NOW: If you could ask this artist about his technique, his talent, what he feels is the next step in his career, or anything at all, what would it be? Share your questions and comments to this amazing artist by posting below and they will be shared with the artist. The artist will answer them onsite at CTNx2012 and the answers will be posted here.


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