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Stephanie Rattanachane

Stephanie Rattanachane

Years ago, a baby was born.

One with a ridiculously long last name and a curious obsession for drawing on things that her parents didn’t quite approve of. Eventually this baby, who hereafter shall be known as ‘Stephanie Rattanachane’, grew up.

She first attended the Pinellas County Center for the Arts high school in St. Petersburg, Florida, and following high school then went on to attend the Art Institute of Tampa. It was here she discovered her love of character design.

Miss Rattanachane even picked up some freelance work after college in visually developing an android game (characters, backgrounds, and assets) as well as designing characters for an educational learning game developed with Cambium Learning Group.
That’s as far as the story goes for now, but to sum it up – Stephanie likes to draw.

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