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Stephen Silver Character Designer

Stephen Silver Character Designer

Silver names three treasures to success in life that give him what  it takes  to keep  on drawing:  determination,  passion and desire.

Stephen  Silver  was  born  in  London  in 1972. Aspiring  to be a professional artist his whole life and knowing drawing would  be his vocation,  Silver got his professional  start  in 1992 drawing caricatures in amusement parks.  In 1993 he went  on  to  establish  his  own  illustration  business  and caricature concession company called  Silvertoons, where he worked freelance. In 1996 he was hired as a graphic designer for the clothing company “No Fear”.

In 1997 he was hired by Warner Bros. Television Animation as  a  character  designer  and  has  been  working  in  the animation industry ever since. He has worked as Character Designer and Supervisor for Disney Television Animation, Sony Feature Animation and Nickelodeon Animation, designing characters for “Kim Possible”, “Danny Phantom” and Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” the animated series, to name a few. Stephen also teaches an online character design course at

Join Stephen at CTN-X where he will be looking at portfolios and sharing his talent and experience all weekend.

CTN Member Stephen Silver

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