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Steven E. Gordon Artist

Steven E. Gordon Artist

Welcom Steven Gordon to our exhibit floor. He will have his sketchbooks for sale and convention sketches in color and B&W

Steven E. Gordon’s professional career began in 1977 when his High School art teacher saw a trade-paper ad asking for portfolio submissions. To everyone’s surprise his slap-dash, disorganized portfolio was accepted and he was hired by Ralph Bakshi Productions to work on the feature film Lord of the Rings. With the help and support of his Art Teacher and Counselors he was able to finish the rest of his High School at night and he’s never looked back.

He stayed with Ralph through Hey, Good Lookin’ and American Pop and was promoted to Animation Director and Key Animator/Character Designer on the Ralph Bakshi / Frank Frazetta feature Fire and Ice.

After that he spent 5 yers at Disney Pictures animating on The Black Cauldron (Key animator on the Horned King), The Great Mouse Detective and development and story on Oliver & Co. During that time (and after) he also worked for a variety of studios free-lancing doing animation, storyboards and development for Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros TV, Disney TV, DIC and Saban.

When he left Disney he returned to Bakshi to direct on the revamped Mighty Mouse series and then spent 12 years working on and off with Rich Animation on a series of direct-to-videos, doing character layout and storyboards, and was Animation Director / Character Designer / Key Animator on The Swan Princess as well as freelancing for Ralph Bakshi as a key Animator on Cool World.

Next he directed at Saban on the never released TV series Pigs Next Door which then led to a job as one of the directors and the character designer on X-Men: Evolution (he was nominated for an Annie for his character design work on XM:E). During this time, he also freelanced on a number of Disney direct-to-video releases as a storyboard artist.

After the second season of X-Men: Evolution was completed, Dreamworks Animation hired him as a story artist on the films Madagascar, Moby Dick, Shrek 2 and Over the Hedge and at night he continued to do all the character designs for X-Men: Evolution for seasons 3 and 4.

From there he became a director on Marvel/LionGate’s The Ultimate Avengers DTV as well as the character designer on The Ultimate Avengers and its sequel. He then directed the DTV of Stan Lee presents: The Condor for FilmRoman and helped develop several other Stan Lee projects. After that he was hired to be one of the director’s on the popular, but short-lived TV series, Wolverine and the X-Men for Marvel and Kickstart. During this period he has also illustrated several children’s books, based on film and comic characters, for HarperCollins and Watson-Guptill and Random House which he still continues to do to this day.

He was one of one of the director’s on season 2 of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for Marvel and Starz and was the Supervising Director on Voltron Force for Kickstart Ent., NickToons and World Entertainment Partners and is currently directing for Rollman Entertainment and developing several projects. And in an attempt to be the oldest artist to enter into the comic industry he has started to work on two graphic novels as well as an on-line comic strip for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc called The Eternal Savage

He currently lives in California with his lovely wife and is the father of two sons and one daughter.

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What is the most important quality for someone wanting to work in this profession? “Perseverance and diversity. And LUCK.” ~Steven E. Gordon

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