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Sue DiCicco Writer Illustrator Sculptor

Sue DiCicco Writer Illustrator Sculptor

CTNX 2012
On location, Burbank CA

CTN is proud to present Sue DiCicco. A successful woman in the creative arts. It is easy to categorized Sue as a multi-talented artist with many voices. Her creative curiosity has taken her to be an animator, writer, studio owner, illustrator and sculptor and has been and continues to be successful at all of them. CTN is honored to be able to share her voice with our guests at CTN eXpo 2012.

Sue DiCicco began her art career studying film and animation at California Institute of the Arts, under a scholarship from the Walt Disney Company. Sue joined the Disney animation team after completing her studies, rising to Journeyman Character Animator, one of the first women to do so.

Forming her own studio, Sue went on to write and direct corporate films and animated tv commercials, as well as develop games concepts and product art for leading toy and game manufacturers.

Early in the digital revolution, Sue conceived and created the first online schoolhouse for children. Funded by the Gates Foundation, the schoolhouse hosted students from around the world, serving up to 300,000 school children per virtual event.

Working with the major licensors, Sue has developed thousands of products and illustrations for a wide variety of markets. Named a “Legacy Artist” by Sesame Workshop, she currently has projects for Disney, Jim Henson, and Nickelodeon in development.

Sue has illustrated hundreds of Disney, Sesame Workshop and Nickelodeon storybooks for children, as well as writing and illustrating dozens featuring her own characters. New for 2012 are “Two at the Zoo” and “Three in the Sea” published by Scholastic, as well as “Santa’s Elves ABC” from Silver Dolphin. In development for 2013 are three “Totally Monster” titles for Silver Dolphin and “A Princess Says Please” for Random House.

Several years ago, Sue turned her attention to sculpture, specializing in portraiture. In addition to the John Denver Remembrance Monument in Snowmass, Colorado, Sue has sculpted Oprah Winfrey and dozens of others, always with an eye towards capturing an essence as well as a likeness. Current works in development include a large scale public installation for children in New York City.

Sue lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband Gil, three chickens and the world’s cutest rescue dog.


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