Tiki Machine, LLC

Tiki Machine, LLC

Tiki Machine loves myth, folklore and legend as well as storytelling in any form.  They work to release their story ideas into the world like rabid little badger children.  Whatever medium best suits the story is the medium they will use to tell it.  Whether it be collaborative art books, comics/graphic novels, fun illustrated children’s books, art prints or secret tiki manuscripts, you know it’ll be fun so embrace the Tiki and become one with the Machine.  Featuring artists Michael Morris, Gillian Reid, Jez Tuya and Mike Collins.

Michael Morris (Character Design/Layout Artist) – Born alongside the coast of California, the son of a former military commando and a high school cheerleader.  His childhood play consisted of comic books, cartoons, video games, water sports, and reams and reams of draw on copy paper.  A tradition proudly held to this day.  Having braved both community and psycho-hippie art college, he married a Martian princess, and it was decided art was to be both his calling and career.  Michael nows lives with his queen Dejah in southern California, and makes cartoons for a living, currently working on The Simpsons.

Gillian Reid (Character Designer) – graduated in Animation Production in the UK in 2008.  Her career began on the other side of the world in Nanjing, China, where she worked as a Character Designer on the feature film, Back To The Sea, followed by another feature, Little Big Panda in Barcelona as a CleanUp Artist/Assistant Animator.  She continued as an animator on two children’s television shows, Grenadine et Mentalo and Michel, in Luxembourg.  More recently, her work has brought her back to the UK where she worked as a freelance animator for Cartoon Network Europe on the award-winning children’s series, The Amazing World of Gumball.  Most recently, she has been working as a freelance Character Designer in London.  More of her artwork can be found at

Jez Tuya (Character Designer) – hails from the land below Down Under, and spends most of his time drawing airplanes, giant robots and army men; and when he is not drawing, he enjoys reading about them instead.  He also enjoys bagpipe music as well.  His blog is found at and his portfolio can be found

Mike Collins (Digital Clean Up Artist/Illustrator) – has spent most of his days working in animation for Cartoon Network on such shows as Class of 3000, Flapjack, The Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary Special, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Sym-Bionic Titan and Ben 10: Omniverse.  Currently working at Rollman Entertainment on the NFL project Rush Zone.  Whenever he has a free moment, he can be seen scribbling furiously in his sketchbook and strives to juggle all the projects his little brain comes up with.  Those projects take up the rest of his time at Tiki Machine. See the Tiki Machine production log at or see more of his personal work at

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