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Tori Davis Visual Development Artist

Tori Davis Visual Development Artist

Tori Davis also known as “Tori Cat” is a Visual Development artist from the UK. She is mostly recognized for her Environment/Layout work, but also specializes in Character Design too.

Tori Graduated from the Arts Institute in Bournemouth in 2007 with a First Class, BA (Hons) Degree in ‘Animation Production’ and started work for Blue Sky Studios in New York, just two weeks after she graduated. Working under the direction of Carlos Saldanha, she worked as a Visual Development artist on “Rio”.

Since then, she has worked on a line of feature films including, Sylvain Chomet’s “The Illusionist”, Aardman/Sony’s “Arthur Christmas” and Disney/Tim Burton’s stop motion remake of “Frankenweenie”.

As well as working in feature film, she has also worked in TV commercials, TV shorts, Short films and even Video Games for clients such as Sony, Nickelodeon, Aardman, Passion Pictures and Uli Meyer to name a few. Tori has even taught Traditional and Stop Motion Animation at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, England.

Throughout the last 3 years Tori has also undergone 6 major operations on her jaw including, in August 2011 having her jaw joints completely replaced with titanium… but she has not let this stop her getting in the way of her career. She is an incredibly hard working and passionate individual and will work her fingers to the bone to achieve the best artistic results.

Tori loves to travel where the work is, and is always looking for her next big adventure. To date she has worked in a number of countries including: USA, Scotland, England, Paris and China and is looking forward to seeing where the world will take her next.

In her spare time, Tori does a lot of work for charity, including recently being apart of “Artists help Japan” and raising money with her artwork for the big cat charity “The Lion Man”.

Tori will be releasing her first book at this year’s CTNx and looks forward to meeting up with lots of new and old friends at the show. More about Tori and her work including character designs and up coming projects can be found on her website:

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