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TV Paint

TV Paint

Please help us welcome TV Paint from France to their first CTN animation eXpo. They will be demonstrating their software and more.

TVPaint Développement is a 21-years-old French company that developed 2D animation software, such as Aura, Mirage, CBPaint and TVPaint.

TVPaint Animation Professional Edition is a high-performance pixel-based drawing program with a strong emphasis on animation and special effects. It is designed for : animation studios, cinema studios, video games designers, production companies, freelances, specific schools, dubbing companies, TV chanels, special effects studios…

The versatility of TVPaint Animation Professional Edition combines all traditional and indispensable features : unlimited drawing tools, light table, advanced animation tools, dubbing / lip-synch space, storyboard / animatic feature, peg-holes registration, out-of-pegs feature to make the inbetweens easier, the Xsheet, the multiplane camera, numerous special effects from the simplest ones (blurs, adjusting colors, moving objects…) to the most complex ones (keyers, warping, particles…).

With the ability to assign almost every function to a hotkey, save brush presets and create powerful scripts and macros, TVPaint Animation’s interface can be optimized to suit any user’s workflows.

For more information: CLICK HERE