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Ty Carter

Ty Carter

Become a Professional Student: Landing Your Dream Job

Back by popular demand!  ”Your portfolio is in a stack of 10,000 other students and professionals going for the same opening. How do you stand out? How do you get your foot in the door? Join Tyler Carter, Blue Sky visual development artist, as he lays out key things you can be doing right now to successfully land your dream job. In this talk, Tyler focuses on crucial insights and perspective gained through his internships at Pixar and Disney, school, and student film.”


Color and Design with Tyler Carter (Part 1 and Part 2):

Join Tyler Carter as he dives into color relationships and designing for film. This color intensive workshop covers everything from color keys, material callouts, painted scenes/moments, and pooling light. If you are looking to take your color decisions to the next level, this is for you!



Tyler Carter is a visual development artist at Blue Sky Studios. He graduated from Brigham Young University. While in school, he interned at Walt Disney Feature Animation in 2008 and Pixar in 2009. In 2011, he finished his short film, DreamGiver, which played at Cannes, Anima Mundi, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and many more. He has worked on Ice Age 4, Epic, and currently Peanuts (2015).

2013 workshops and presentations: