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Your creativity has the power to transform, improve, and revolutionize. Whether you dream of creating animations, special effects, or product designs, Virtual Animators can help turn your talent and energy into a career that will shape your future.

Virtual Animators offers professional training in small group settings with live interactive video. We specialize in providing training in the field of 3D animation with a solid foundation of traditional 2D to meet the industry’s growing demands for skilled animation talent.

We are committed to an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and exciting career growth. Our mission is driven by our passion in sharing the wealth of knowledge that continually evolves in the arts of animation and film making.

Our instructors are accomplished industry experienced artists, friendly, patient and accessible, working at ground breaking studios such as Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Sony Pictures.  We focus on delivering a solid foundation, so you can learn all the areas of the 3D/2D film and animation process:

  • Concept Development
  • Character Design
  • 3D Environment and Character Design
  • Model Rigging
  • Texture, Lighting and Rendering
  • Character Animation

Virtual Animators is building a community, a space for artists and in training enthusiasts who wish to learn and advance their talent and skills, by staying current with the industry ever changing demands. We provide monthly master class sessions and year around continuos programs covering all the disciplines of the animation and film process.

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