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Prep with Prep and Landing 2011

Kevin Deters joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1996, working in the Clean-Up Animation and Story Departments on such projects as Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, and Chicken Little.

Kevin made his directorial debut with the 2007 animated short, How to Hook Up Your Home Theater, starring Goofy. Along with directing partner Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Kevin went on to write and direct Walt Disney Animation Studio’s first-ever Holiday Special for ABC television, the Emmy Award winning Prep & Landing. The duo followed up that success in 2010 with Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa.

Kevin and Stevie recently finished production on the short film The Ballad of Nessie, and are currently working on another holiday special for 2011, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.

An Illinois native, Kevin attended the University of Illinois, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies.  He worked in architecture in Chicago before transitioning into animation.  Kevin currently resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Sara and their three sons.  In his free time he enjoys drawing, soccer, comic books, and playing with his kids.

Stevie Wermers-Skelton was inspired to work at Disney after watching Beauty and the Beast, and joined Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1994 as a Clean-up Inbetweener on Disney’s Pocahontas. Stevie worked as a Story Artist on Fantasia 2000, Tarzan and Brother Bear as well as other feature animated films in production and development at the studio.

Stevie Wermers made her directorial debut as co-director of the traditionally animated short film How to Hook Up Your Home Theater; she also made history as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first female director. Alongside directing partner Kevin Deters, Stevie went on to write and direct Walt Disney Animation Studio’s first-ever Christmas Special for television, the Emmy Award winning Prep and Landing and followed up that success with Prep and Landing: Operation Secret Santa.

Stevie and Kevin recently finished production on the short film The Ballad of Nessie – an original idea of Stevie’s dating back to her years at Cal Arts – and are currently working on another holiday special, Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Stevie currently resides in Pasadena, California with her husband.

Dorothy McKim joined The Walt Disney Company in 1980 and is currently producing Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice for Walt Disney Animation Studios. She also oversees the development of all Disney Animation shorts.

Dorothy began her career in the staffing department before moving into Editorial/Cutting, live-action for the Disney Channel, and a short stint in Publications.  In 1984, she started a long association with Walt Disney Animation Studios, with her first assignment on the 1988 feature, Oliver & Company.  She went on to work in a variety of production roles (production manager, director of production, and co-producer) on such landmark films as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Tarzan.

Dorothy served as producer on Disney Animation’s 2007 computer-animated release, Meet the Robinsons, and went on to produce 2009’s enormously popular Emmy Award winning original animated holiday special, Prep & Landing. Following the success of Prep & Landing, Dorothy went on to produce three short films for Disney Animation: Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa, Tick Tock Tale and The Ballad of Nessie. Dorothy’s current project, Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice, is slated for an ABC-TV premiere holiday 2011.

Dorothy grew up in Chatsworth, California, and attended Pierce College and West Valley College.  She holds a business degree from the latter.  She and her husband, Brian, live in Santa Clarita, California with their son Tyler and daughter Natalie.  In her spare time, Dorothy works as an ice skating coach and loves to choreograph programs for the students she coaches.

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