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The Line of Influence: A Tribute to Ronald Searle

The Line of Influence: A Tribute to Ronald Searle

The Line of Influence: A Tribute to Ronald Searle

This 60 page book is an exclusive limited edition print of only 75 copies that will never be sold or re-printed. The book includes artwork and sentiments from over 50 artists. Copies will go to Mr. Searle and the contributors only.

I would like to first express my gratitude to Mr. Ronald Searle for his talent, generosity, dedication to his life’s work and endorsement of the Creative Talent Network animation eXpo. says Tina Price the Founder of CTN. I began my animation career in 1978 with 25 years spent at the Walt Disney Feature Animation Department. Animation artists are this amazing group of eclectic draftsmen and actors who are required by trade to bring characters to life on a daily basis whether these characters be animal or human, whether in any style and no matter the time period or medium.  My first introduction to Mr. Searle’s work was at the Walt Disney Studios and came from the book shelves and bulletin boards of these many artists that I refer to as “The Creative Talent”.

I can easily say that Ronald Searle was singularly the most referenced artist for inspiration on story telling through line, character types, costume, style and locations. Unless blind you can see the influence in so many works such as Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmations, Sword and the Stone and on and on. Clearly the “Line of Influence” from Mr. Searles’ pen is long and loud through the many generations of artists and their work. The few represented in this tribute only scratch the surface of the army of impressions Mr. Searles‘ work has had on the animation medium and creative talent. I am proud to be able to provide this opportunity for us to finally say loudly “Thank You Mr. Searle”.

Thank you to these artist contributors:

Roger Allers
Niklas K. Andersen
Chris Armstrong
Lubomir Arsov
Chris Ayers
Nancy Beiman
Don Bluth
Saud Boksmati
Jamie Kezlarian Bolio
Chen Yi-Chang
David Colman
Peter de Séve
Eric Favela
Francis Glebas
Ed Gombert
Manny Hernandez
Francisco Herrera
Mike Hoffman
Matt Jones
Tom Knowles
Tobias Kwan
Gay Lawrence
John Mahoney
Rik Maki
Patrick Mate
Mark McDonnell
Ernesto Melo
Uli Meyer
Rob Minkoff
John Musker
Francesca Natale
Sue Nichols
Michael Peraza
Rodrigo Perez-Castro
Pierre Perifel
Gabriele Penacchioli
Anette Power
Paul Shardlow
Kyle Shockley
Harald Siepermann
Alessandra Sorrentino
Ken Turner
Carlos Valenti
Valerio Ventura
Glenn Vilppu
Suzanne Lemieux Wilson
Nate Wragg
Dean Yeagle
Kathy Zielinkski

The book will be posted on this site after all copies are distributed.

Tina Price
The Creative Talent Network®
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