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Sergio Pablos and “Dispicable Me”

Title: Sergio Pablos and “Dispicable Me”
Presented by The Creative Talent Network
Length: 45 min

Sergio Pablos is most recently known for his credited role as “Co-Creator” of the most recent smash success film “Despicable Me”.  But in the true creator spirit Sergio’s  “creative talent” contributions to this field we call animation span a wide range. Originally from Madrid this award winning Disney Animator who’s credits include “Tarzan, Hercules, and Hunchback of Notre Dame  ” has gone on to be the founder of the successful animation studio “SPA Studios” responsible for the work on such films as “Nocturna” and  carries on the classic 2D tradition known to be “full animation” in a feature film format. Also credited as Lead Character Designer and Supervising Animator for  film “Rio” CTN is proud to be able to announced Sergio Pablos at CTNX 2010 where he will share his experiences and knowledge with you.

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