Pablo Navarro – Animator Barcelona Spain
"It was an incredible weekend! One of the best things about the event is the general feeling that it have, big event, but still warm and friendly with the people! You can cross path with anybody, from pro to enthusiast, and you can have a chat right there, or go for a coffee without having to fill out any form, it feels very near to the people, and that’s a big plus!CTNX is a event that makes you forget about the odds of the media for an entire weekend, and make you feel like animation business is still on a golden age! Creative and with all to be discovered!"

Los Angeles Times
"… CTN-X 2010 embraces a cross-section of technologies and talent that all came together to create the medium we know to be animation. This event demonstrates the value of keeping your mind and eyes open to the many opportunities that are ahead because this is a great time to be a part of the animation industry."

Don Hahn – Executive Producer and Filmmaker Walt Disney Studios
"CTN was better than ever! You’ve done the animation industry an amazing favor by hosting this event and I can’t thank you enough!"

Fred Hermann – Production Management
"I thought CTNX was better than any other kind of expo I have ever been to by far. It’s astounding that this is only in it’s second year."

Andreas Deja – Supervising Animator Walt Disney
"This has really been needed in our industry for a long time, and it needs to be here in LA where the business is based. It has been so great to have aspiring artists be able to come right up and ask questions of me and for me to be able to have direct interaction with them. That is so important."

Dhar Jabouri – Character Animator
"Thanks a million for another awesome event. CTN really has something super special and I applaud it’s success. Keep up the good work. See you next year."

Seth Rutledge – Photographer and Concept Artist
"CTNx is awesome, I’m exhausted, post nap I shall conquer!"

David Coleman – Character Designer
"…..CTN is the best and you made it a great experience for all!!!"

Louie del Carmen – Story Artist DreamWorks Animation
"…… CTN is something that has been sorely missing in animation; a community by artists for artists. The expo now stands alone in distinction from shows like Comic-Con as an outlet in which to focus on the art of animation. As an artist I believe and preach about being an independent."

Kris Heller – Clean Up Artist
"I just wanted to thank you for presenting the Moebius panel. What a historic moment! I was blown away by both artist and his artwork. I also wanted to thank you for yet another successful year of the Expo. I had such a fabulous time. I really enjoy doing the clean-up demos. This year there were a very large number of students gathered around the demo area. I could never have imagined that so many of them would be so interested in character clean-up!"

Dustin Garcia – Attendee
"…….I loved meeting all the artists and had a lot of great networking opportunities. The only reason these opportunities arose were directly related to the accessibility of the artists to the people in attendance. I wouldn’t think twice of coming back next year. CTN!"

Jerry Beck – Animation Historian co-owner Cartoon Brew
"…. CTN pulled off a bigger and better show than the first year – and that’s saying something." 

Robert Paraguassu – Attendee
"I flew out from Atlanta, GA based solely on Cartoon Brew recommendations. I had such an amazing time and met so many great people. I’ll definitely be going back next year."

Steve Gattuso – Attendee
"Great stuff this year. All sorts of wonderful artists, interesting events, and great people."

"It was like the San Diego Con on animation steroids. I had a fantastic time. Can’t wait until next year"

Jean-Denis Haas – Professional Animator Attendee
"I loved it! First time there and I had a lot of fun. The panels were great, especially the Tangled panel with all the animation tests."

Bob Foster – President of The Animation Guild
"What a terrific event. You could actually talk to people! It was a great opportunity to meet people you wanted to meet, whether it was an artist, a writer, a publisher, a talented student, old friends, or, in my case, all of the above. The relatively intimate venue (compared to Comic Con) was wonderful. Thanks CTN and their great staff for an outstanding Expo!"

Fergal Reilly – Story Artist Sony Pictures Animation
"I want to share my excitement about just how brilliant the whole show was, I couldn’t believe how much the Expo had grown since the first one I attended in 2009! They have nothing like CTN in Europe! Everyone I talked to loved it."

Kevin – Attendee
"It was a great event on a dozen different levels! On Saturday, I thought it needed a bigger venue, but by Sunday I changed my mind, and I hope it stays in Burbank."

Mike Disa – Writer, Director, Animator
"CTN was great. I made some great connections, and had some spirited discussions."

Adnan – Attendee
"I went both last year and this year and I think the expo is a great opportunity to really enjoy the art of animation and attend some great panels."

Keith Krail – Attendee
"This was my first time attending CTN, and needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. It was such a relief to be able to attend an event where animation is the primary focus as well as having the opportunity to meet so many different people within the industry. I am looking forward to see what they bring to the table for next year’s event!"

Taber Dunipace – Attendee
"Excellent just like last year, but yeah, this venue is bursting at the seams!"

Gio – Attendee
"The event was amazing and a lot of fun. Highlights = Titmouse panel, Story of up with Ronnie, and Act I with story panelist. Q & A after was the best experience ever, you get a personal one on one almost with the panelist. Great great events, cant wait for better and more bad ass expo next year"

Spencer Morin – Attendee
"I’m losing my voice as well! It was an amazing conference and the talk with Moebius was something I’ll never forget. This was the first time I ever went to an animation expo and I have to say that it was so endearing to know that there are thousands of toon heads like myself that are as enthusiastic as I am while being amazing people to boot. I wanna’ cry from how great a time I had here. Great work CTN."

Mike – Attendee
"It was an amazing show. There was always something to do and none of the panels felt like wasted time. On the contrary, the panels were all not only worthwhile but some I went to just to sit with a friend ended up applying to what I wanted to do in ways I could not have foreseen. The generosity of the industry folks was amazing. Amazing opportunities all around. And for a first-timer, to be able to have face time with industry pros and to get positive feedback was invaluable. Moebius, Uesugi and others made an astounding guest list."

Louie del Carmen – Story Artist Dreamworks Animation
"CTN is something that has been sorely missing in animation; a community by artists for artists. The expo now stands alone in distinction from shows like Comic-Con as an outlet in which to focus on the art of animation."

Fergal Reilly – Story Artist Sony Pictures Animation
"Congratulations on a fantastic weekend and I want to pass on my excitement about just how brilliant the whole show was. I couldn’t believe how much the Expo had grown since the first one I attended in 2009! They have nothing like CTN in Europe! Everyone I talked to loved it."

Mike Disa – Director, Animator, Writer
"I had a marvelous time, made some great connections, and had some spirited discussions. Next year again please?"

Anonymous –
"The Tangled screening was incredible. The opportunity for us to be a part of it, and to be there at the Disney Studios was mind blowing!"

Tenny Chonin – Owner of Suspended Animation
"Congratulations, once again, to the CTN crew for making the weekend before Thanksgiving the highlight of the year for so many. The panels were very successful. Standing room only in the auditorium, and, I heard, also standing room only in the overflow rooms. Amazing job by CTN. I have no idea how you do it!!!"

Victor Maldonado – Headless Productions
"It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of such a great event. We had a blast sharing our work and meeting the best artists in the world."

Bill Kroyer – Supervising Animator and Board of AMPAS
"CTN has hit upon a winning formula, a lot of the event energy comes from the intimacy and energy of the crowds. I loved the Moebius event as the anchor session. Even though it ran long it was fascinating."

Darren Kiner – CG Animation Generalist
"The CTN Expo will continue to flourish and thank you for keeping it a grass roots environment, for and about the artists!"

Tyler Lindsay – Alice Entertainment
"I thought the expo was GREAT!"

Maddy O’Neill – Animation Artist
"The eXpo was awesome and well orchestrated! So much to see and absorb! Very inspiring! The CTN team did a fantastic job! Thank you!!"

Tony Bancroft – Animation Feature Film Director
"I had a great time at my second CTN animation Expo! My hats off to the CTN crew who pulled off an even bigger and better expo than last year. It meant a lot to me to see old friends and meeting an industry hero like Moebius was once in a life time. I loved connecting with the students that represent our industries future also."

Michael DeFeo – Film Industry Sculptor
"Great show!"

Mikey Marquez – Attendee
"Thank you for the excellent conference. Great panels, so much info. I’m on inspiration overload. I’ll certainly be returning next year."

Richard Myers – Attendee
" I had a blast at CTN Animation Expo this year. This is my second time going to it and enjoy all the animation related events. It felt very relaxing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again for doing this, I really appreciated it alot."

" A celebration of animation, for animation people, by animation people!" PLEASE keep it like that!"

Max Howard – President Exodus Film Group and Former President Walt Disney Animation
"Twice the size and twice as good…….. I’m in awe of what you have done in creating one of the world’s most important animation events. CTN has exceeded everyone’s expectations – well done. Our industry owes you a debt of gratitude. Bravo!"

Scott Wright – Animator DreamWorks Animation
"Thanks for putting together such a great event. Looking forward to exhibiting again next year. CTN rocks!"

Valerio Ventura – Designer
"Thank you so much for providing a fantastic, safe and creative atmosphere where all of us artists who barely know each other have a change every year to CONNECT, share ideas, work and to have the possibility to partner with new upcoming talent or like my self to have the chance to share my work with one of my greatest idol, Moebius, who actually got one of my books in front of the camera as a gesture of support. I don’t know where anyone can have a chance like this on earth but here at CTN animation eXpo. CTN and their amazing staff rocks! Thank you!"

Brett Bean – Animator
"A great time, thanks to all the people at the Expo and the Marriot for all the hard work. It paid off with great times, awe inspiring art, and insightful perspectives by all. I can’t wait for 2011!"

Paul Naas – Animator and Educator
"Still thinking about CTNX 2010. Terrific panels, catching up with friends and acquaintances, meeting new people (including some longtime heroes), and just being immersed in this art form that I love so much. Already have next year blocked out on my calendar."

Karen – Attendee
"The CTNX fast pass was a great idea as well as the overflow/shop talk rooms for the panels. Seeing the seasoned pros work and talk in both trade rooms and panels was truly inspirational. Thanks for a great show!"

Patricia MacDougall – Designer
"Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I will never forget this convention for the rest of my life. Moebius coming to my booth and looking at my work as well as winning a Wacom Tablet certainly became the highlights of my weekend! The warmth and friendliness from everyone I met will keep CTN-X 2011 at the top of my convention list for next year!"

Mark McDonnell – Character Designer and Teacher
"A big thank you for those of you who came by the CTN Animation Expo and were kind enough for letting me flip through your portfolios, purchasing my book and artwork as well as stopping by and chatting with me. From Mobius to the Disney crew and on to the amazing talent that was on exhibition . . . thank you and I was so happy to be a part of this AMAZING show. ~Mark McDonnell Character Designer and Teacher"

Spencer Morin – Attendee
"Will definitely be returning. Fantastic event and a great introduction to the animation universe!!!"

Ernie Ochoa – Attendee
"I just want to say thank you for all the work you have put in to the raising the bar. This year has helped me and my family get one step closer to our dream. I appreciate all the work you put in and will not forget it. It went very well this year and blew last year out the water."

Adnan Hussain – Attendee
"Thanks again for another year of CTNX. Like last year, there were amazing talents and lots of learning and inspiration. Of course it seems
to have grown quickly."

Frank M Hansen – Illustrator + Cartoonist
"Another great Expo.I loved it. Thanks so much for all your hard work."

Nancy Beiman – Animator and Teacher
"It was quite an experience…maybe we’ll have a Sheridan booth next year."

Paul Dale – Attendee
"It was more productive than San Diego Comic Con."

Spencer Morin – Attendee
"AMAZING CONFERENCE!!! Thanks so much!"

Alice Dewey – Producer
"Congratulations! What a great event! You pulled it off again!"

Eastwood Wong – Raising the Bar Recruiting Applicant
"I just want to say thank you for putting the recruitment interview together. It was a great opportunity for me and everyone as well."

Dori Littel-Herrick – Dean of Animation Woodbury University
"We thought the event was again a huge success. It inspires and motivates my students, and my faculty. The Breakfast with the Pros offers an opportunity for intimate discussion with industry pros. I see the three students that I select for each breakfast go there feeling shy and leave having had a spirited discussion about the industry they are preparing to join."

Haylee Herrick – Student Ringling School of Animation
"First off, thank-you so much for putting on this expo. It’s really a great treat for all of us in animation to come together under one roof and be excited for our medium and what it holds!"

Armand Serrano – Art Director/Visual Development Sony Pictures Animation

"First of all, congratulations on a very successful Expo. Kudos to you and your fantastic crew! I had a wonderful time meeting friends, old friends and aspiring talented students. Its a pretty nostalgic event as well for me to see my ex-Disney Florida colleagues in a single event. I enjoyed this event far greater than any other events like the comic con since it’s geared mainly for our profession. Having CTNX made me look forward to an exciting, more focused event every year."

Dave Zaboski – Animation and Creativity Consultant

"Thank you for a great event. Having the shop talk lounge for post talk discussion was a good call and extremely important. It made a real difference for people having the opportunity to go deeper."

Sergio Pablos – Writer Designer Animator Animagic Studios

"It was my pleasure to participate in the Expo this year. It really felt like an event for artists, and that was a great experience. It was a great even and I’m proud to have been a part of it."

Josilin Terrano – Recruiter Nickelodeon Studios

"Overall, it was a wonderful experience. We had a decent turnout at the panel, the artists I met at Raising the Bar Recruiting were talented and professional, and it was great to walk the floor and mingle with new talent. All in all, great trip"

Mark Austin – Director of Animation Third Floor Productions

"Loved the Shop Talk Lounge. Very intimate and a big plus."

Carter Goodrich – Character Designer

"I don’t really think that my experience at CTNX could have been much better. I thought the whole CTN event was impressive, all in all, a great experience. I am most grateful for having been invited to participate. It was an honor."

Robert St. Pierre – Art Director

"A most impressive Expo. Last years was phenomenal, this year topped that. It’s nice to see, experience and participate in an organization that is infusing tomorrows talent with so much inspiration! Great job everyone!"

Nicolas Villarreal – Character Designer

"The convention was great. It was very productive and I am looking forward to next year’s CTN already."

Frank Gladstone – Producer

"I had a great time once again. The Expo is such a wonderful opportunity to see and re-connect with so many of my buddies as well as being introduced to new folks and new endeavors. I am looking forward to 2011 and have already notched my calendar for next November."

Dawn Riviera-Ernster – Director of Development Walt Disney Animation

"Congratulations to you! You brought people together, you inspired people and you understand this very special community. The CTN conference is very special. Congratulations again."

Ellen Woodbury – Animator and Sculptor

"CTN-X was far more than I anticipated. I love that it is artist-driven and artist-centered. The many panels and presentations were very impressive. It was great to see so many of my former colleagues!"

Pascal Campion – Character Designer

"I just wanted to say that this was BY FAR the best convention I’ve been too this year. Not just for work, but the contact with professionals and students was AMAZING!! WHat a GREAT show. Can’t wait to come back next year"

Tadahiro Uesugi – Production Designer Tokyo Japan

"There is not a similar event in Japan and I was impressed with CTN’s wonderful concept. I am envious of the Americans for such opportunties. Of course I had a great time as well. Please let me know if I could be of your help in the future."

Dean DeBlois – Animation Director DreamWorks Animation

"I had a great time. You put together an amazing event."

Chris Oatley – Visual Development Artist Walt Disney Animation

"I had a GREAT time at CTN-X this year. It was utterly amazing. As they all say – it’s better than Comic Con in every way."

Victor Navone – Animator Pixar Animation

"I had a fantastic time at CTNX. I was thrilled with the quality of the presenters and exhibitors, and the show had a good "vibe" overall. I also liked the convenience of the venue, being adjoined with the hotel and walking-distance from the airport. Very nice! I’ll definitely be coming back in the future."

Frank Hansen – Illustrator and Cartoonist

"…..As an exhibitor I could not have been more pleased with accommodations, the insane talent that I was surrounded by and the great crowds of people that filled rooms and halls. I met some amazing people and students and made some great contacts all because of being part of this Expo. This type of opportunity would have been impossible to duplicate anywhere else. Here’s to 2011."

Richard Or – Editor Convention Scene

"….this event is really unique. A lot of things to do, panels to attend, and if I were applying for jobs, this is definitely the place I’d recommend to form some relationships. It’s also always fun to watch artists draw, or to hear students get portfolio reviews from professionals."

Ken Turner – Character Designer

"One of the highlights this year would definitely be the panel talk with illustrators/character designers Carter Goodrich and Peter de Seve. It was another very inspiring trip. I will definitely be back again next year."

Matt Doering – Video Game Artist New York City

"I was blown away by just how accessible animation industry professionals were during this event. Wow! I got to meet and chat with a bunch of cool people. Got some great feedback on my portfolio, talked about art process with a few folks, attended several stellar panel discussions, and to top it all off, I got to see Tangled before it’s release at the Walt Disney Animation studio theater. Heaven! Overall, the event is extremely inspirational."

Floyd Norman – Walt Disney Hall of Famer

"….even bigger and better than last year."

The Cable Cartoon

"….the real reason to attend CTN is the chance to mingle with our tribe: we had the most fun talking to folks at the tables, in the audiences, and at the lunch counter. The eXpo is a great venue for making connections and making friends in the industry, and we’ll be back for the weekend next year."

Jhomar Josue – Animation Artist

"CTN is a great event and also a good place to get some inspiration and most of all motivation."

Brian Ajhar – Illustrator Character Designer New York

"…..The talent at CTN was extraordinary!…I was happy to be an exhibitor surrounded by all the great artists. I hope to stay in touch with many I met. It was definitely the place to be for me."

Torstan Schrank – Character Designer Owner of Studio Sidekick Berlin Germany

"CTNX has been a blast for us! A unique COME TOGETHER of so many amazing artists! We are definitely looking forward to joining CTNX 2011. CTN rocks the house! Cheers from Berlin!"

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