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One on One Career Interview with Tadahiro Uesugi

Title: One on One Career Interview with Tadahiro Uesuri
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
Length: 45min
Filmed on November 2010

Description:CTN was proud to sponsor the visit of Tadahiro Uesugi to CTNx 2010. In a very rare appearance, this interview with animation critic Charles Solomon is an opportunity for you to hear, via an interpreter, and see the passion, the journey and the decisions of this great designer and production designer.

Moderator Charles Solomon: An internationally respected critic and historian of animation, Charles Solomon has written on the subject for “The New York Times,” “TV Guide,” “Newsweek” (Japan), “Rolling Stone,” “Los Angeles Times,” “Modern Maturity,” “Film Comment,” “The Hollywood Reporter,” “Manchester Guardian,” and National Public Radio’s “Day To Day.” His work has also appeared in publications in Canada, France, Russia, Britain, Israel, the Netherlands and Japan. His recent books include “The Prince of Egypt: A New Vision in Animation” (Abrams, 1999), “The Disney That Never Was” (Hyperion, 1995), “Les Pionniers du Dessin Animé Américain” (Dreamland, Paris, 1996) and “Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation” (Knopf, 1989; reprinted, Wings, 1994), which was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and the first film book to be nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award.

Guest:Tadahiro Uesugi was born in 1966 and is based in
Japan(Tokyo). He graduated from Setu Mode Seminar of Nagasawa Setu, a school focusing on fashion

After working for 7 years as an assistant for Manga artist Jiro Taniguchi, Tadahiro became a freelance Illustrator. He has created illustrations for advertising posters, catalog covers, book covers, movie posters, concept art and CD jackets.

In 2005, together with Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa, held a 3
men artshow for NUCLEUS showcasing the artwork from their book entitled “Three Trees Make a Forrest” and he most recently won an Annie Award for his work as Production Designer on the award winning stop motion Feature Film “Coraline”.

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